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Andy Boulton, Waitrose Beef Buyer

Demand for Aberdeen-Angus beef in Waitrose continues to grow. Chrissie Lawrence meets the man behind the buying process to see why the breed works so well for the supermarket

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April 21st 2009

Farmer Profile: Ray Thomas

Ray's Aberdeen-Angus

When Ray Thomas bought his first cows, it was the superior eating quality of the Aberdeen-Angus that won him over to the breed. He has since set up a thriving meat business.

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A simple system, an understanding and committed processor and a drive for low cost production – that’s the secret to a profitable beef enterprise, according to Paul Westaway

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Paul's Angus Calves

Having had experience of finishing Continental breeds Paul Farrell has now switched to breeding his own Aberdeen-Angus cross cattle, a move that he feels was a must to improve his bottom line.

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Willie Ritch

Buying a new stock bull can be a daunting experience, but sorting the good calving figures from the bad ones should be the first place to start, says an Aberdeenshire suckler producer.

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William and Janne Patton

Demand for home produced quality beef has seen Northern Irish producer William Patton turn to marketing his own Aberdeen-Angus beef.

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Aberdeen-Angus steers have out performed Charolais cross steers in terms of liveweight gain for Graham Stewart and his son Douglas at Fans, Berwickshire.

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