Bi-Weekly Update: 1st February 2019

1 February 2019

As we now enter February, we can get rid of those January blues as we look forward to what will be a busy and exciting few months. We have been very busy here at the Society as we prepare for the Stirling Bull Sales and we look forward to seeing many of you there. We hope that you have all received this year’s 101st edition of the Aberdeen-Angus Review – we have received some great feedback and would like to thank all of those involved. Take a look at what’s been happening in and around the Society over the past 14 days!

News Roundup

Stirling February Bull Sales will take place this weekend with all timings being confirmed. Make sure to check out the show and sales section on the website to see the full programme of events, we look forward to seeing many of you there. There will be live Facebook posts of the show and sale so keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page, also tuned into the United Auctions live webcam where you will see the live event.

Aberdeen-Angus Society AGM will also take place on Sunday 3rd of February, we look forward to sharing with you all important topics and subjects discussed.

The Connaught/Leinster Aberdeen-Angus Club held its first ever dinner dance at the Athlone Springs Hotel, Athlone, Co. Westmeath last weekend. The event was very successful and was great at adding a social element to the club’s yearly activities, whilst also providing an opportunity to celebrate the biggest winners from last year’s All-Ireland Aberdeen-Angus Championships and the National Aberdeen-Angus Calf Show.

AHDB Beef and Lamb is urging farmers to start recording to improve profitability and to boost competitiveness, find out more about their ‘shout about the sire’ campaign in the news section!

This year we made the move to provide an online version of the Aberdeen-Angus Review, allowing a much wider readership and reach for all the content and adverts included within the publication. For those of you who prefer to do your reading online, you can access the online version at:

To keep up with all other news from the Society as well as all the latest updates from shows, sales and other events, just head over to the appropriate sections on our website:

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Review Correction

In the final paragraph of the South West of England Club Report of page 14 of the Review, a reference is made to the Three Counties Show. This is incorrect and does not refer to the Royal Three Counties Show, but in fact refers to the three county shows at Devon, Bath and West and Cornwall. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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The GeneProb software has updated the database with the information on probability by pedigree the chance of your animals carrying any of the four genetic conditions AM, CA, NH, DD.  If you have an animal which has a high probability of being a carrier please contact the Society and we can arrange for it to be tested.

Go to members log on, download files and results for all animals in your herd are available.

Genetic Test Codes

The genetic condition status of Aberdeen-Angus animals is routinely displayed for the following genetic conditions:

For more information on genetic conditions and how to manage them go to:

News and Notices from YDP

Shows, Sales and Events

Key upcoming events are shown below:

Stirling Bull Sales 3rd – 4th February:

12th February - Dungannon Sale: Dungannon Farmers Mart


We are excited to be bringing you a new merchandise range which will be available to order in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be bringing you a range of new sizes, colours and embroidery options which you can order!

With the cold and wintery weather conditions spreading across many parts of the UK, why not keep your drinks warm with our Aberdeen-Angus Travel Mugs - perfect for those long trips away and available for only £8!

travel mug

You can purchase by phoning the office directly, speak to Yvonne who can deal with and dispatch your orders for all our merchandise. You can pay over the phone by card or simply add it to your next invoice. Full range of merchandise available to view online at:

From all at the Society, have a great weekend!