Reaction from Stephanie Dick after success at the 2018 Royal Highland Show

AA 0659 Steph Dick 2
3 July 2018

Stephanie Dick was delighted to see her heifer Crew Lady Jasmine take the overall Aberdeen-Angus Championship at the 2018 Royal Highland Show as what has been an exciting few years in her still very young career. We took the chance to grab a quick chat with Stephanie to see her reaction after the show and she had the following to say:

''Going into the show I knew I had a really special heifer with Jasmine, she has that extra spark about her that I love in a show heifer! She had been champion at Stars of the Future in the back end and had come on great since then so I was really hoping to pick up a red ticket with her. But, coming home with the breed championship along with junior championship was something that I had only dreamed of her doing! I don't think I could quite believe it at the time, but I've finally come down from cloud 9 and am very proud of Jasmine! 

''My future plans are to breed away with the foundation Aberdeen-Angus females I have bought and try build up a herd and get showing animals I have bred myself. Jasmine is hopefully heading down to the Great Yorkshire Show, so fingers crossed for that and then I plan to let her calf down. I only have a small herd of 4 cows here and one in America, so I'm currently bringing embryos back from my American heifer and just plan to continue working away the way I am and try to breed another one like Jasmine!''

Congratulations to Stephanie on her great achievements, we look forward to hearing more and more in times to come!