Elite health status bulls for sale: Moffat herd

SAM 2401 Spean
7 June 2018

The Moffat herd has Elite health status bulls for sale.

All bulls sired by Nightingale Peanut M646, the herd stock bull since 2013. Retaining 2017 and 2018 heifers, and Nightingale Peanut M646 DOB 14/02/2012, Moffat Elgin R066 DOB 04/03/2015, Moffat Eurasia S078 DOB 06/03/2015 and Moffat Mister Beaumaris S079 DOB 09/03/2015 and 4 yearlin​​g bulls are for sale. Elgin used last year and there are 4 bull calves. Very happy with all stock from Peanut and Elgin. More info available moffatangus.co.uk. If interested, get in touch with Rhona McLean on rhonamm@hotmail.co.uk. Photographs of bulls below:


SAM 2441beau


SAM 2436eur


SAM 2409elg


SAM 2401 Speanut