February 6th 2012

Angus enbryos top at 1000gns

Leading the sale of Aberdeen-Angus embryos is the lot of five Rawburn Enigma G653 x Rawburn Ellen Erica E405 from Baov-Gen. These sold for 1000gns a piece to Ben Marsden of Marsden Farms. The next lot from Bova-Gen, six TC Stockman x Prairielane 297E Band 3110, has gone at 850gns a piece to David Ismail of Dinar Estate Management.

Prior to that, Rob Bishop bought five Auldhouseburn Karlos D218 x Duncanziemere Jody Y280 embryos from Alistair Clark for 500gns a piece.

Leading the sale of Angus semen was the five straws of Rawburn Transformer forward from Jeremy Price, these sold for 140gns a straw to Ben Marsden of Marsden Farms.