Sire Verified Aberdeen-Angus

The Sire Verified Aberdeen-Angus Scheme is an initiative promoting the DNA testing of all Aberdeen-Angus cattle, in order to prove they belong to the World’s premier breed. This has been a major focus of 2017 and will continue in the coming years, and the Society has been working to provide members with an affordable, cost effective and voluntary method to expand their DNA testing.

This will not only uphold the reputation of the Aberdeen-Angus brand and breed as a leader in the industry, but simultaneously better equips breeders and members to market their own personal brand, and appeal to a wider audience by being verified Angus. Ultimately Sire Verified Angus allows our members to uphold the credibility of their herds, their pedigrees, and in turn the Society’s herd book.

Sire Verified Aberdeen-Angus: Policy and Process

The Society is very proud of both the breed, and the integrity of its herd book. This pride is rooted in the careful approach we take in verifying the Aberdeen-Angus name, in all activity and operations. As such, our goals for the Aberdeen-Angus Sire Verification Scheme are to:

The scheme is completely voluntary. Members and breeders have the option to submit lists of bulls that they have sold for commercial or pedigree use, to our registration department, who will facilitate testing of DNA samples. For calves, testing can be requested at the registration/intimation stage. However, to encourage testing entire herds, and to help achieve our goals for the breed, the Society has introduced the following policies for Sire Verification:

Benefits of Sire Verification

Due to growing demand from consumers, retailers and restaurants now require traceability of food to be more transparent and accurate than ever. This is something the Society whole-heartedly agrees with, and is working towards through the Sire Verified Angus scheme.

While voluntary for most cattle, there are several benefits that make registering a positive move for your herd; both economically and practically:

Further information about the Aberdeen-Angus Sire Verification Scheme, as well as the necessary application and registration forms will soon be available via the Society website. In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Society directly for more detail.