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The Aberdeen-Angus breed is recognised throughout the world and is the only beef breed to have true “brand” characteristics.

In an era where easy management, economy of production and superior beef qualities have never been more important, the Aberdeen-Angus offers endless advantages for many livestock systems.

With support from retailers such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer and food outlets such as Burger King, demand for Aberdeen-Angus is soaring, presenting commercial beef producers with a huge opportunity to produce a product which the market requires and is prepared to pay a premium for.

The Mackay family, Skitten, Caithness

We look for fleshy bulls with good growth potential and we’re pleased the breed has moved away from the rangier, hard fleshed types.

Duncan Moore, Longford Farms, Wiltshire

Easy calving is essential for us, but when buying bulls we also look for good milking ability in their daughters as well as producing a premium product.

David Torrens, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland

For me it’s all about reduced overheads, ease of calving and an attractive premium at slaughter. That’s why I introduced Aberdeen-Angus bloodlines into my breeding programme.

JB Bradley Farms, Grimsthorpe, South Lincolnshire

Aberdeen-Angus finishing cattle competed well against Continental cattle and when out at grass, they finished better and required less inputs.

Tynan Roulston, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Aberdeen-Angus cows are best suited to my farmland. They are hardy and have the ability to keep condition on a low input grass-based system. With rising feeds costs there is definitely a place for the Angus when it comes to finishing beef cattle.

Edward Hulme, Canterbury, Kent

Aberdeen-Angus are docile and easily managed, are easy calving and thrive off forage and minimal concentrate input.


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